Since 25 years, we are producing technical clothing improving the comfort and quality and the working conditions of our customers. All the passion we place in our products, the quality of materials, and our continual research for the most innovative solutions are today acknowledged by all those who wear our products. The Military forces, Carabinieri, Police, and Fire brigade corps who need to be equipped without any compromise according to the highest standards of protection and resistance can witness the appreciation and success of our products.
In our factory of over 4,500 square meters, the state-of-the-art machinery run by a highly experienced and professional staff, ensure the highest quality in production, flexibility and delivery time.
It is important for us to keep up with our commitments.
To give you quality at a fair price, we have decided to remove distributors and the costs of retail stores to focus exclusively on the design and sale of products with technical quality standards above the market average. Keeping prices low compels producers to design and manufacture with low-cost materials, affecting the quality of the final product. Our philosophy is to produce with fabrics of the highest quality by selling directly to the end user without any intermediary.