WHO WE ARE: We are an Italian company based in Force (AP), official licensee of technical products for law enforcement and military corps, engaged for over 30 years in the development and production of innovative technological solutions that comply with the highest protection and resistance standards.

OUR MISSION: "We have always protected those who protect you". Improve the comfort and quality of work of those serving in the armed forces and law enforcement: from Esercito Italiano to Carabinieri, from Police officers to firefighters.

OUR VISION: Develop and produce technical materials and solutions that are superior to the market average, with very high standards of safety, innovation, resistance and protection.

QUALITY AT A FAIR PRICE: Design in the laboratory, 100% Italian production with a short supply chain and sale to the end user without any intermediary. The decision to eliminate distributors allows us to create an innovative product that is superior to the market average, with the highest quality raw materials and latest-generation machines, maintaining a fair price.


From the quality of the materials to the respect for the environment, to the use of skilled labour regulated by contracts adequate to the current legislation; we are committed to continue to look to the future from a sustainable perspective.

All our fabrics boast the strict STANDARD 100 BY OEKO-TEX®️ certification, which guarantees a high and effective product safety.

The ISO14001 certification, that is the norm for environmental management that dictates the necessary policies to have better control and savings on raw materials and the energies used, also allows us to make the company processes more efficient and effective each year in compliance with the 'environment.

Similarly, since 2011 we have been committed to meeting the CAM (Minimum Environmental Criteria of GPP - Green Public Procurement) criteria, with the aim of making the entire production process eco-sustainable: from the procurement of materials to distribution, up to the re-use of the themselves at the end of their life cycle.