Absolute No-Seams

Innovative and seamless garments reaching new levels of comfort never attained before

We have expanded our ideas, going beyond the natural order of things, imagining a future without bonds and constraints. We have dreamed about creating a system without interruption which designs, models and shapes the body as a second skin. All this today is real.

Absolute No-Seams represents the final stage of a project that has started from the brilliant idea of imagining an assemblage free of structural bonds not linked anymore to a multiple combination of components, but instead shaped three dimensionally into only one body. In this way, a completely seamless garment with an extraordinary wearability is conceived and ready to stand any wear and tear testing even under the most extreme conditions. In Absolute No-Seams, technology and innovation represent its highest achievement that sets in motion the creation of a new type of garments, unique in their kind, and able to combine comfort, resistance, performance and long term use. The total lack of seams eliminates any risks of skin irritation of the wearer and avoids any structural yielding during long term use and maintenance of the garment.

Absolute No-Seams is available in Firetek, Silvertek and Silvertek FR fabrics.