Multilayered fabric in natural and performance fibers

Naturaltek is the perfect combination of tradition and innovation, lightness and resistance, comfort and performance but it also represents the opportunity to blend in only one fabric the appeal of natural fibers with the resistance of performance fibers for an uncompromising solution. Naturaltek strengthens the performance of natural fibers with the aim to create clothes that can improve comfort, while increasing protection and guaranteeing an even longer wear. The Naturaltek garments of the Mid-Layer Line amazingly stand out for elegance, wearability, resistance and protection but most of all for their multi-functionality. Due to their multilayered structure, they can be directly worn on the skin with no limitations, ensuring high breathability and maximum comfort.

Features and fabric performance

  • high breathability
  • abrasion resistance
  • tear resistance
  • anti-pilling
  • quick drying
  • unaltered machine-wash stability
  • high color stability
  • antibacterial
Levels of thermal protection

LEVEL 1: +10º C to +40º C

  • Naturaltek Piquet

LEVEL 2: 0º C to +20º C

  • Naturaltek Bilayer Light

LEVEL 3: -5º C to +10º C

  • Naturaltek Bilayer
  • Naturaltek Sweater
  • Naturaltek FR Bilayer Plus
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Naturaltek is certified according to the UNI EN ISO 12945 – UNI EN ISO 105 B02 – UNI EN ISO 105 C06 – AATCC 100 regulations

Machine-wash resistance

Naturaltek 30
wool 10

Available colors in Naturaltek

Showcased Naturaltek items