Never before was made a flame-proof material so comfortable to wear

It offers the highest flame and heat protection according to the most accredited international standards. Firetek totally innovates the tactile perception, comfort and wearability. It also represents the ultimate standard in sweat dispersion, machine-washing resistance and long lasting use.

Firetek is the ideal material for all types of professional activities which involve the risk of fire such as the military and law enforcement forces, fire brigades, civil defense corps, oil & gas, steel and extractive industry workers. Available in three levels of thermal protection, it allows the production of knitwear ranging from underwear to outfit clothing.

Features and fabric performance

  • permanently fireproof
  • high breathability
  • body temperature control
  • high wear and tear resistance
  • no-pill
  • stable machine-washing resistance
  • high color resistance
  • anti-bacterial
  • 4 ways stretch
Thermal protection levels

LEVEL 1: +10º C to +40º C

  • Firetek Light
  • Firetek Air

LEVEL 2: 0º C to +20º C

  • Firetek Win 4 Way Stretch
  • Firetek Warm 4 Way Stretch
  • Firetek Air Plus

LEVEL 3: -5º C to +10º C

  • Firetek Absolute No-Seams 4 Way Stretch
  • Firetek Thermic 4 Way Stretch
  • Firetek Air 4 Way Stretch
Firetek is certified according to the UNI EN ISO 11612:2009 – Levels A1 – B1 – C1 – AATCC 100:1999 and AATCC 195:2011 regulations

Comfort levels

Firetek 850
meta-aramid 516
meta-aramid + viscose fr 507%
wool + meta-aramid 401%
modacrylic + cotton 470
modacrylic + viscose fr 361

Absorption properties

Firetek 60
meta-aramid 36
meta-aramid + viscose fr 35
wool + meta-aramid 49
modacrylic + cotton 52
modacrilyc + viscose fr 60

Drying time

Firetek 4
meta-aramid 7,3
meta-aramid + viscose fr 12
wool + meta-aramid 47
modacrilyc + cotton 15,2
modacrilyc + viscose fr 44

Moisture Management Properties

(MMP Moisture Management Properties AATCC 195)

Tests carried out certify that Firetek is  a material with absolutely the best performance in moisture management. The outstanding adsorbing capacity combined with its quick drying performance reaches the highest level in comfort.

Available colors in Firetek

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